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Thread Safe Lazy Loading Using sync.Once in Go

Jan 19, 2021

Imagine you have a server and you are loading some configuration for executing some business logic. You don’t want to load all the configuration when the server is launched since it will take a lot of time for it to be ready for handling requests.

Authenticate Users from Multiple Tables in Laravel

Jan 14, 2021

It is a common practice to store different user types in different database tables. For example, in most applications you will have an Admin user and a normal user.

Custom React Hook to Trigger Callback when Component Enters Screen

Mar 8, 2020

Sometimes we would like to postpone loading data in a component till it is actually visible in the viewport. This is handy in applications where we have lots of tables with data that should be loaded only when we scroll down.

Extending Blade for Role Checks in Laravel

Oct 27, 2019

Displaying parts of view based on conditions is super easy in Blade using @if ... @endif conditions. Imagine we are storing the role information as a string in the User model under the role field.

Create Your Own Autocomplete Using Vue.js 2

Jul 6, 2017

Why should we make our own Autocomplete component when there is plenty of existing components out there? For simple use cases, yes that serves enough.

How to Make a Simple ALV Table in Web Dynpro ABAP

Jun 16, 2017

ALV Tables are most preferred way to display when you have large amount of data to be displayed in tabular format due its flexibility and numerous features.

Pagination Component using Vue 2.0

Oct 30, 2016

Pagination is one of the basic component we will need with any application. Let’s create a pagination component using Bootstrap and Vue.

My Experience on SAP TechEd Bangalore

Oct 16, 2016

This being my first SAP TechEd, my experiences are countless and still I’ll try to summarize some of the things I felt.

Countdown Timer using Vue.js

Jul 5, 2016

Let’s explore Vue.js further by creating a Countdown timer component which will be very useful for people to quickly put a Countdown page for the products or events website.

Create your own Autocomplete using Vue.js

Jun 18, 2016

Note: This article is using Vue.js 1.0. If you are planning to use Vue.js 2, go to this article From the days of jQuery, I have been pulling in different plugins everytime I wanted to create an Autocomplete input.

Play with Bootstrap using BootSync

Jan 24, 2016

Bootstrap has become one of the basic tools to start web development. Though I’m using it for quite some time, I don’t dare to change the original look and feel due to the fear that I may mess up with the project and or spend too much time on designing.

Bootstrap Sass in Laravel 5

Apr 3, 2015

Laravel 5 ships with Bootstrap 3 by default, but it uses Less and not Sass. Personally I prefer Sass over Less and this article helps you set up Bootstrap Sass using Bower and Laravel Elixir.

How to create a Tree List report in ABAP

Mar 5, 2015

Reports which has the capability to drill down to multiple levels are of good use. It serves as a simple overview as well as more detailed report when you want to look into a particular record in detail.

Creating an ALV Grid Using OOP

Jan 19, 2015

SAP provides many ways to accomplish a task, creating an ALV Grid is no different. Though there are simple Function Modules available to create an ALV grid, Object Oriented methodology is more preferred due to its own advantages which are always debated in the ABAP world.

How to Store Files in Database in ABAP

Nov 25, 2014

There are requirements where documents has to be uploaded and associated with business data available in the system. When we store files in tables, it will be easy to link it with other tables data.

How to Create a Zip File in ABAP

Oct 11, 2014

We generate different kinds of files varying from Excel sheets to Text files based on the data available in SAP. It is very much possible to zip multiple reports within a single zip file and download the zip file from SAP.

Random Number Generation in ABAP

Sep 17, 2014

Random Numbers are used for a variety of purposes in programming, and in this article we will see how to generate a Random Number or Random Number Sequence in ABAP

Dynamic Search Help from Internal Table Data

Aug 11, 2014

While SAP has created most of the Search Helps that we will ever need, we still face situations where a Search Help has to be shown dynamically from data that we have in the an internal table.

Optimize LOOP AT using Field Symbols

Jun 19, 2014

The time taken for an ABAP report to run is mostly spent in database queries and internal table processing. While the responsibility of database query optimization is spread across so many different levels, optimizing internal table processing remains solely the developer’s responsibility.

Executing Operating System Commands from ABAP

Sep 13, 2013

Sometimes certain processes has to be run at Application Server level and the results has to be used within SAP system.

Running a Report Program and Getting Its Result Programmatically

Sep 10, 2013

There are situations when you need to run a report program and get its result list programmatically and display or process as you need.

Continuous Development and Deployment of CodeIgniter using Git

Jul 13, 2013

I have had serious problems with continuously developing and deploying enhancements to web applications in CodeIgniter. The problem is that the deployment version has different set of configurations than the development version.

Windows Phone Tiles Using CSS and jQuery

Apr 11, 2013

Windows Phone’s tile design is a haunting beauty to me. I never knew a layout of neat square boxes can impress me that much.

Sticky Notes using CSS3 and jQuery

Mar 12, 2013

Most of us are good users of Sticky notes application of Windows which is quite a good tool for quick notes to remember.

Using Labels Inside Text Field, Is That Wrong?

Feb 5, 2013

Today, I got the chance to read the article Don’t Put Labels Inside Text Boxes (Unless You’re Luke W). In that article, Caroline tries to address the problem of using anything inside a text box.

Integrating Applications With Suspend, Resume & Exit Plugs

Jan 15, 2013

Integrating two different applications in Web Dynpro ABAP is quite a challenging task. Most of the time we choose to integrate applications by making component usage of one component in another.

Saving Tweets to MongoDB using Java

Nov 19, 2012

MongoDB is the fastest growing NoSQL database. Apart from the advantages of NoSQL technology, it’s JSON querying style, easy installation makes it more preferable.

Text Symbols in Web Dynpro ABAP

Nov 7, 2012

Text symbols are one of the great and most used feature in ABAP. It is very helpful when it comes to internationalization of your application and also manages all your text at one place.

How to Create a Context Menu in Web Dynpro ABAP

Oct 22, 2012

Creating customized menu for right click is always cool and creating such menu’s in Web Dynpro ABAP is quite easy. In this article we are going to see creating context menu for a TextEdit UI element which has to be filled with the text ‘Hello World’ on clicking an action in the menu.

Anatomy of Table UI and Creating Customized Table UI Dynamically

Oct 18, 2012

Whenever we want to create a Table UI dynamically, we go to CREATE_TABLE_FROM_NODE method of CL_WD_DYNAMIC_TOOLS (see here. However in some cases we want the Table to be very much customized.

Creating Table UI Dynamically

Oct 15, 2012

Many a time you come across a situation of creating a Table UI dynamically. Especially, when you want to create Table UI based on certain conditions which will be known only during the run time.

Convert Photos to CSS3

Oct 8, 2012

Few days ago I saw a link bearing the title ‘Monalisa using CSS3’ repeatedly in Facebook and Twitter. When I checked it out, I was totally impressed.

Google Maps in Web Dynpro ABAP

Oct 8, 2012

Google Maps integration with Web Dynpro ABAP is one of the most sought out thing. There are a lot of possible ways to this.

Creating UI Elements Dynamically

Oct 4, 2012

SAP Web Dynpro ABAP is an excellent tool to create huge data related applications easily and efficiently. However most of the time we create applications that has predefined screen design.

Star Rating Input Component in Web Dynpro ABAP

Sep 13, 2012

Few days back I wrote the blog Star Rating Display Component which can be used to show the average rating of an item.

Star Rating Display Component in Web Dynpro ABAP

Sep 4, 2012

Most of the time ratings are expressed in terms of stars, which is more appealing and easy to interpret. I came across a similar situation and I developed a reusable component to show star rating.

An Analysis on Twitter's Leaked Passwords

May 20, 2012

On May 9, 2012 the headlines were ‘58000+ Twitter username and passwords are leaked’. Twitter is one the most used social networks with 140 million active users.

Pursuit of Better Password Storing Technique

May 14, 2012

From the early days I’m very much bothered about storing passwords in my application. After studying some cryptographic techniques I got some idea and I have been following them since then.

Search Twitter from your Program

May 5, 2012

Twitter is the social network used very widely for promoting products, films, etc. It is loved by companies especially for marketing.

Web Technologies

Apr 26, 2012

Internet seems to be the best innovation from human race. The architecture of the internet remains the same for decades, but the application and use of internet has got an unimaginable growth.

Hierarchy of UI Elements

Apr 16, 2012

Web Dynpro has been provided with lots of tools to make the development easier. When we want to create applications in which UI elements has to be created dynamically and processed dynamically, we have to go a little deeper i.

Singleton Pattern in ABAP

Apr 15, 2012

Object Oriented Programming has been a boon to the programmers without which development of huge systems is almost impossible. ABAP is no exception to that which is why Object Oriented Programming was added to ABAP.

Timer in Web Dynpro ABAP

Apr 15, 2012

Timer is a very essential UI element in many applications and creating a timer in Web Dynpro ABAP seems to be a little critical task in the versions prior to NetWeaver 7.

Java and Platform Independency

Mar 29, 2012

Necessity is the mother of invention. Computer languages are not an exception to this rule. However, there are as many as 1600 different computer languages as they say.

Bitwise Can Avoid Loops

Jan 30, 2012

As we have seen before, the power of bitwise operators are immense. Sometimes thinking in terms of arithmetical operators cost you lots of CPU time when compared to bitwise operators.

How your passwords are stored!?

Oct 7, 2011

Most of us use numerous services available on the net such as mails, social networking services, and blogs. So it is obvious to have the question “Can a database administrator working on Facebook can get the password of my Facebook account if he wishes?

Build your own Twitter

Aug 14, 2011

Twitter has been famous from two or three years ago. I had not had much idea about it till two weeks back.

Do you really study?

Jul 30, 2011

When I started this blog, I wanted to write only about computer science but I really think that I have to express something that has been inside me for long and I think it’s the right time for that.

Feel the Binary Code

Jul 23, 2011

“There are 10 kind of people, One who knows Binary and the other who doesn’t.” In the earlier days when electronic computers was first built, inputs were given in binary using tapes and outputs were also obtained as binary.

Four Different Characters

Jul 12, 2011

I suddenly got an example that may help you remember the characteristics of AND, OR, NOT and XOR. Consider them as four different human individuals, with four different characteristics or behavior.

Bit-'Wise' Magic

Jul 10, 2011

‘Bitwise operators’, as the name says they are indeed wise enough to do anything that a computer can do. In computer architecture, we would have studied how these ANDs, ORs and SHIFTs are used to do any mathematical operation.

To my fellow readers

Jul 6, 2011

First of all, I introduce myself to my fellow readers. I’m Fareez Ahamed, a person who was impressed by computers from when I was studying fifth standard (well children now are introduced to computers more early now-a-days than those days).