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Bitwise Can Avoid Loops

Jan 30, 2012

As we have seen before, the power of bitwise operators are immense. Sometimes thinking in terms of arithmetical operators cost you lots of CPU time when compared to bitwise operators. Read more...

Feel the Binary Code

Jul 23, 2011

“There are 10 kind of people, One who knows Binary and the other who doesn’t.” In the earlier days when electronic computers was first built, inputs were given in binary using tapes and outputs were also obtained as binary. Read more...

Four Different Characters

Jul 12, 2011

I suddenly got an example that may help you remember the characteristics of AND, OR, NOT and XOR. Consider them as four different human individuals, with four different characteristics or behavior. Read more...

Bit-'Wise' Magic

Jul 10, 2011

‘Bitwise operators’, as the name says they are indeed wise enough to do anything that a computer can do. In computer architecture, we would have studied how these ANDs, ORs and SHIFTs are used to do any mathematical operation. Read more...